Mastic joint sealing, waterproofing and firestopping services provided
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Domestic and Industrial Sealing, Waterproofing and Firestopping in Chingford, North East London

So many applications come under the banner of mastic joint sealing, waterproofing and firestopping and various materials are used for each, with 40 years experience in the trade, usually a brief site visit is arranged to assertain the most suitable procedure and timeframe involved.
Below is a quick guide to some of the more common and some not-so-common, mastic joint sealant application services that we undertake, use the menu on the left to take you to the categories.

External Works

  • Expansion joints - between new and old brickwork, concrete slabs, wood, Upvc, plastic, asphalt,
  • Remedial works - between new and old brickwork, concrete slabs, wood, Upvc, plastic, asphalt,
  • Floor joints - perimeter sealing
  • Roadways
  • Roofing
  • Swimming pools - sealing around the edges of the pool, tiling inside (submerged) & out, underwater lights & ports etc.

Internal Works

  • General sealing and waterproofing - fitted storage, frames, skirting, perimeters etc.
  • Kitchens - worktops, splashbacks, fitted storage, skirting, sanitaryware, lino, etc.
  • Bathrooms -
  • Wetrooms
  • Cleanrooms -
  • Food safe applications - supermarkets, restaurant kitchens, areas where contact with food is likely
  • Cold rooms - refridgeration units, food storage areas etc.
  • Secure units - prison cells, holding cells, safe units, anti-pick sealant applications etc.
  • Glazing applications - glass to glass joints, frames, bomb blast, partitions, blocks, conservatories.

High-Build Applications

  • Cradle work, sealing of expansion joints, roofing, glass to glass and frames etc.
  • Cherry-picker - All our operatives are IPAF trained and certified.
  • Scaffolding and platform sealing
  • Abseiling, rope access work (in awkward, plant machine etc. not possible areas)


  • Fire batts - installation and specialist firestopping silicones and intumescents applied.
  • Frame sealing - 2 and 4 hour rating sealing with intumescent or firestop silicone.
  • Perimeters and skirting - sealing of floors and finishes
  • Socket - specialist putty installation and fireproofing/intumescent sealing.
  • High temperature - oven doors, chimney flues etc.


  • Remedial works - broken and cracked floors, expansion joints in horizontal and vertical brickwork etc.
  • Frame sealing - finishing of upvc and wooden frames.
  • Windowcare Systems - approved contractors (what's this?)
  • Repaircare advanced wood repair system (as above)
  • Sealaing new worktops and and furniture fittings etc.


  • Leisure centres - shower blocks, changing rooms, locker rooms, cladding, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, gym areas, door frames, window frames, mirrors etc.
  • Offices - Internal and external frames, fittings, floors and partitions.
  • Warehouse - heavily foot trafficked, heavy goods vehicle trafficked, perimeter sawcut sealing, dustproofing etc.
  • Shops/shopping centres - fittings, furniture, sanitaryware, frames and partitions.
  • Garage forecourts, standings, vehicle shelters subject to petrol and oil spillage, aviation storage and runways etc.
  • Plant rooms - intumescent and firestopping, acoustic sealing and waterproofing
  • Infrastructure - roadways, perimeter asphalt and slab sealing.

Specialist stone sealing

  • Natural stone joints - premium, non-staining silicone sealants used.
  • Chlorine-resistant, permanently submerged stone and fittings to stone.
  • Scaffolding - hard to reach stone cladding and precious stone applications
  • Abseiling - hard to reach stone cladding and precious stone applications inaccessible by plant.
  • Sea retaining walls and other salt subjected substrates


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